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Lead Ingots / Lead Alloy / Lead Oxide / Red Oxide


Lagos, Nigeria

Refined Lead Billets (99.97%) 

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Refined Lead which is highly appreciated for their outstanding functioning, sturdiness and long lasting properties. The offered refined lead is processed by pure Lead Ingot with a smallest amount purity level of 99.97% attainable up to 99.985%. It is formed from Re-melted and Secondary Lead Ingots or Lead Scraps. Also, we have dedicated a kettles pan that has the Refining capacity of 15-25 tones per batch. 

Lead Sub-Oxide / Grey Oxide

We are a Lead Grey Oxide (Battery Oxide) manufacturing company in Nigeria. Grey oxide is used in Battery plants. We are producing world class grey oxide of 30% free lead. We pack our product in Vacuum for longer storage period. Please let me know your requirements

Uses of Lead Sub-Oxide / Grey Oxide

  1. Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Electroplating Anode
  3. Sulphuric Acid Tank Liners


50 Kgs Bag in Vacuum pack (Bag of 4 layers PET/AL/NY/PE)

  • Grey Oxide Packed In Vacuum Bag
    Grey Oxide Packed In Vacuum Bag
  • Lead Furnace
    Lead Furnace